• NEW Head Torch from UP

    NEW Head Torch from UP

    01 February 2017
    Have you seen our HEW Head Torch....?  With it's super bright features it's probably seen you!  The Ultimate Head Torch has four light modes:  Ultra-bright 87 lumen HIGH BEAM  Power saving 30 lumen DIP BEAM runs for 20 hours  Map reading RED LIGHT to preserve night.....
  • Resist 'N' Roll

    Resist 'N' Roll

    01 January 2017
    Our Therapy store now includes a selection of rehabilitation and exercise tools.  Massage Therapy Rollers, Massage Balls & Gym Balls.Performance Gym BallAvailable in 3 different sizes, the burst resistant balls will support a maximum weight of 123kg.  Pump is included with ea.....

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