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Are You Ready For Winter?

Are You Ready For Winter?

25 September 2015

Here at Ultimate Performance™ we understand how important it is for our customers to remain safe and visible as the nights draw in.  We've got some new LED products that might help.  

As the summer glow starts to fade many of you are still training, travelling or even just walking the dog in low level light conditions and here at Ultimate Performance™ we understand how important it is for you to remain as visible as possible.

Our customers safety is so important to us we have come up with some products that can help.  

Named after Lighthouses from around the UK our Eddystone, Flamborough and Anvil LED products will act as a warning signal to alert others of your presence.

Eddystone Clip-on LED Light

Clips onto clothing, belts, backpacks and dog collars .

Constant or flash mode, wide angle of visibility and weatherproof.

Visible up to ½ mile.           

Anvil Shoe Clip-on LED Light

Clips horizontally onto back/heel of shoe with a heel width of 6-8 cm.

Fits any size shoe, splash proof and visible up to ½ mile

Constant or flash mode available. 

Flamborough Armband LED Light

Fully adjustable strap for length & fit - wraps around arm or ankle.

Constant or flash mode available.

Weatherproof, lightweight, slim and visible up to ½ mile


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