• Light Up This Winter

    Light Up This Winter

    01 November 2015
  • Moving Our Back Packs Forwards.

    Moving Our Back Packs Forwards.

    26 November 2015
    As well as giving our Peak Day Pack an aesthetic make over, more volume and an external pocket on the front,  we've been working hard on two new hydration packs, the 1.5L Tarn and 2L Grafham.  Both feature an easy-to-use bite valve to prevent leaks when not in use.   &n.....
  • Are You Ready For Winter?

    Are You Ready For Winter?

    25 September 2015
    Here at Ultimate Performance™ we understand how important it is for our customers to remain safe and visible as the nights draw in.  We've got some new LED products that might help.  As the summer glow starts to fade many of you are still training, travelling or even just.....
  • Heal whilst you sleep

    Heal whilst you sleep

    01 April 2015
    Plantar fasciitis or jogger's heel is a common ailment which results in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot.  The pain is usually most severe during the first steps of the day or following a period of rest.If you're suffering from Plantar fasciitis then our NEW Plantar Fascia Sock.....
  • Hot and Cold Therapy

    Hot and Cold Therapy

    01 May 2015
    Many minor injuries recommend the use of Hot and Cold treatments to aid recovery.  Hot and Cold Therapy is a treatment you can use at home or whilst you are travelling to help reduce swelling and improve healing of damaged tissues.  How does it work...?  By applying cold it .....
  • NEW to Ultimate Performance

    NEW to Ultimate Performance

    31 March 2015
    Compression garments are well known for the prevention, management, treatment and rehabilitation of and from groin, abductor and hamstring injuries; hamstring, groin and thigh strains, Osteitis Pubis, Pubalgia, sports hernia and Gilmours Groin.Based on this we've added Neoprene Compression.....
  • Spring has sprung into the UP warehouse

    Spring has sprung into the UP warehouse

    01 March 2015
    Spring is here and so are the new colours in our Performance range.  We now have Purple and Orange colour options available in our Kielder, Ribble and Titan.    The original Red, Pink and Yellow have also had a little uplift making them brighter and more vibrant.  Perfe.....
  • Ultimate Compression for Knees, Calfs, Ankles and more...!

    Ultimate Compression for Knees, Calfs, Ankles and more...!

    01 February 2015
    The latest innovation in the UP Sports Medicine collection is our range of Ultimate Compression supports.  Lightweight, advanced knitting technology provides firm, even support whilst maintaining a full, natural range of movement with improved healing and pain relief.  The g.....
  • Football & Rugby Studs join Ultimate Performance

    01 January 2015
    After the success of our Track Spikes and Keys we have expanded to include Football and Rugby studs in a selection of sizes and styles.  Hard wearing aluminium Rugby studs available in 15mm or 18mm sizes or nylon Football studs available in mixed packets containing 10mm or 13mm sizes......

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