• NEW PRODUCT ALERT - Helvellyn II

    NEW PRODUCT ALERT - Helvellyn II

    01 March 2018
    It's the run up to Race season and we have just the product for you - meet our Helvellyn II Race Belt.You may have already met the original Helvellyn Race Belt and you said goodbye to safety pins and holes in your running tops with it's clips for race numbers.   Now you can say g.....
  • Advanced Kinesiology Tape Arrives

    Advanced Kinesiology Tape Arrives

    02 January 2018
    We've researched into what you are looking for in Kinesiology Tape - consistent stretch, longer lasting, shower resistant, less bulk, smoother edges and better adhesive.  We have fulfilled ALL of these  requirements and the outcome is -  The Advanced Kinesiology Tape.  .....

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