Congratulations on London Marathon - now it's recovery time!

Congratulations on London Marathon - now it's recovery time!

24 April 2018
Congratulations to all those runners that took part in the London Marathon - it is such a great day for all and a massive achievement - from us all at Ultimate Performance we're proud of you!  

BUT now we need to talk recovery.  The temptation post race is to simply collapse and thank the running gods for helping you get through it but you need to take care of your body as it has just run 26.2 miles first.  Here are our top recovery tips post race:

  1. It can take a while for your body to come down from that level of exertion and whilst this is happening you need to keep the circulation moving.  You need to flush the lactic acid from your muscles to help them recover and by keeping moving after the race this will help the circulation in your legs.  A gentle walk for 10-15 minutes is great for helping your body start it's transition from racing to recovery.
  2. Eat a small snack - post race your appetite may be non-existent but to maintain blood sugar levels, replenish muscle glycogen and repair muscle tissue a small snack of carbohydrates and protein is recommended.  Save your big meal for later in the day when your appetite has returned. 
  3. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate - sipping water throughout the rest of the day will gently help you replace lost fluids from all that running without putting stress on your stomach.
  4. Take care of those legs - soak in cold water for up to 10 minutes or consider wearing compression garments to decrease inflammation and speed up the healing processes.  A great way to gently stretch the muscles whilst also increasing your circulation is to lie on your back with your legs raised up against the wall.
  5. Stretch, roll or massage - its recommended to wait 2-6 hours after the race to stretch or foam roll and at least 24 hours for a massage.  You need to allow your muscles time to recover from the demands of a marathon before you start treating them.  They need to replenish lost energy and fluids from racing.
  6. Rest, rest and ,more rest - the first few days following a marathon it is so important to allow the body time to recover so think short, light and low impact activities to boost the circulation without putting strain on already tight muscles.  You risk injury by putting too much pressure on getting back to full training immediately.

DON'T FORGET TO CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENT - in the midst of all that recovery don't forget to celebrate what you have achieved whether it is your first marathon or one of many you're a winner in our eyes!

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