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Go In The Dark

Go In The Dark

12 November 2017

Don't be in the dark about Autumn training!  

Today's tips on staying safe when you #GoInTheDark:  

  1. Bring a friend: not only does training with friend increase motivation but also there's safety in numbers.  No one mad enough to join you..? There are plenty of running clubs out there that accept all levels of ability plus you get the added bonus of making tons of great running friends.
  2. Know your route: not only know the route you are going to take so that you can avoid potential dangers (you don't want to trip and injure yourself) but tell someone where you're going and how long you expect to be.  
  3. Light it up: We cannot stress enough the importance of making yourself visible to other road users.  Whether you are running on the road side or cycling home Reflective and LED products make you much more visible to other road users in low level light conditions.  If they can see you they can avoid you!
  4. Take your phone: not only do most phones come with GPS tracking software, you can also call emergency services even when it is locked. But remember leave your headphones at home so you can hear traffic or other people approaching.

Running in low level light conditions presents all sorts of potential dangers but with good preparation and care you needn't stop training during the long winter months.

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