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Resistance Band - Heavy (25m roll)

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Ideal for targeting and working specific muscle groups and tendons during rehab and sports training.

These latex bands, 99.9% free from latex allergens, can be cut to size according to your preference.  They provide heavy resistance during training exercises and are designed for increasing strengthening exercises during rehab and sports training.

Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets or repetitions gradually: once the exercises become too easy - move on to the next level.

Recommended for: tennis elbow (epicondylitis), ankle sprains, dislocated shoulders and tibialis posterior tendon problems.

Also for use in yoga, pilates and strengthening exercises.

  • Heavy resistance (Purple) 0.6mm thickness
  • Size of roll - 6" x 27yds (15cm x 25m)
  • Also available in Medium or Light resistance
  • Simply cut the length that you need

Caution: This product contains dry natural rubber.

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