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Neoprene Warm Shorts 2.5mm - Small

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The Ultimate Performance® Neoprene Warm Shorts provides the perfect treatment and protection of groin, thigh and hamstring injuries.

Ideal for use as a post-activity recovery tool but also in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the groin, thigh and hamstring areas; strains, tears and other athletic pubalgia such as sports hernias, groin disruption and Gilmore's Groin.

The neoprene shorts provide and retain therapeutic heat to the muscles; blood flow is stimulated which helps increase the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles during activity, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Increased blood flow can also aid the rate of repair of damaged tissues and help flush toxins from the muscle post activity, decreasing the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).


  • Tailored to provide maximum support for groin and hamstrings
  • A wide taped waistband ensure a comfortable, snug fit
  • Warm shorts can also be worn as a base layer during winter sports and activities
  • Suitable for use in rugby, football, hockey, general training, running, skiing and other snow sports.
  • 2.5mm thickness - Support Level 3 (Pro)

SIZING by waist size Small 30" - 32"

WEAR INSTRUCTIONS: Wear as any other pair of shorts, take care to stretch gently to ensure there are no wrinkles for maximum comfort.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent.  Do not use fabric softener or bleach.  Allow to air dry - do not use heat.

Contains natural rubber latex: may cause allergic reaction in some users.  If skin reaction occurs or pain persists, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

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